Kate understands that pet owners and pets get stressed when the pet is spending time in a kennel, or boarding in someone’s home while the owner is on vacation or traveling for work. “Is my pet doing well?” , “Am I going to have a huge vet bill when i return?” , “Is my pet going to contract kennel cough?”

With Whiskers n’ Tails Pet Care, you don’t need to worry about those questions. When Kate pet sits, she only focuses on your pets while she is in your home. 

Busy during the day, and can’t take your dog for a walk? Let me help you out. I provide 30 to 60 minute dog walks. 

Need someone to check in on your pets while you are away? Let me help you out. I provide 15 minutes to 1 hour in home visits.

Cat visits

Dog visits

Going away? Need someone to look after your pets while you are gone? Don’t want to take them to a boarder? Let me help you out. I come into your home, and stay with your pets while you are gone. 

Pet Sitting
Just because your leaving home doesn’t mean your pet has too! Leave your pet at home surrounded by home comforts and everything that’s familiar to them. I come and stay providing companionship, feeding, walks, and playtime
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Cat Sitting
Providing a stress free service for both you and your cat! I can just pop in visit, clean the litter and feed your precious cat or stay over night.
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On Leash Dog Walker
Your Dog Deserves The Best
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Whiskers n’ Tails Pet Care has new procedures towards health and safety.